Case Study

Automotive parts manufacturer remains productive despite heatwave

When an internationally renowned engineering firm sought an auxiliary chiller unit to operate alongside smaller models already on site, they asked Andrews Chiller Hire to propose a temporary hire solution. Increased summer temperatures meant that their chiller unit was no longer effective and something had to be done immediately to limit any impact on production.

It was decided that rather than completely upgrade the chiller system that was in place at the factory, a more cost-efficient approach would be to hire an additional unit on a short-term basis.

We recommended a 375kW fluid chiller on the premises to provide sufficient cooling capacity once connected to existing equipment. A crane was used to lower the unit onto a foundry roof, before it was slipstreamed into the existing flow by use of diverter valves and temporary pipework.

This process allowed all units to run concurrently while decreasing the temperature of the cooled water – thus also improving the overall performance of a previously inadequate air conditioning system. As expected, our chiller ensured the required cooling capacity was available at all times and this prevented output from faltering and lost production.

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