Case Study

Automotive company call Andrews Ventilation Hire for extraction solution

In the present day, industrial and engineering processes are subject to strict production standards designed to protect operatives working on site. These legal requirements outline a series of health and safety standards companies must adhere to, meaning appropriate steps are immediately taken when compliance is in jeopardy.

This was the scenario an international automobile firm found themselves in after their production line encountered difficulties. They were attempting to strip a large battery which would directly lead to metal particles and dust being released into the working environment. This situation created an urgent need for a temporary ventilation system in order to avoid the dangers of operatives inhaling contaminated air. At this stage, Andrews Ventilation Hire were contacted to help find a practical solution.

In response, a regional technician conducted a site survey to establish both the size and requirements of the application in question. As a result of the findings, a powerful FV300 ventilation fan was hired to the client along with the required lengths of ducting to extract harmful air from a confined workspace.

Our equipment remained on hire for a two week period, which enabled this major manufacturer to complete a key assignment without impacting on other parts of their process.

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