Case Study

Andrews Ventilation keep tourists cool at the Tower of London

Widely acclaimed to be one of the UK’s most popular tourist spots, the Tower of London draws more than 3 million people annually. Its status worldwide and increasing popularity among sightseers make it absolutely crucial that visitors enjoy their time exploring Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress.

This also means ensuring that effective climate control is in place all year round – particularly during the hotter months of the year. Unfortunately, temporary or indeed fixed air conditioning systems are not permitted on site due to logistical reasons, so an alternative approach is necessary to avoid heat-related complaints.

The internal layout restricts the possibility of using ducted units, and this led us to propose a series of ventilation fans instead. In total, more than twenty of our ASF21 and ASF50 fans were deployed around a large exhibition area and gift shop – the two main spots pinpointed as requiring cooling of some description.

These products worked in conjunction with each other to circulate substantial quantities of fresh air, enabling all within the vicinity to keep cool. Andrews Ventilation were therefore able to recommend a practical hire package that complied with strict regulations whilst serving the purpose it was designed for.

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