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Andrews Ventilation Hire unveil largest fan yet

With a long-established reputation for providing customers with high capacity extraction fans, it is with great excitement that we announce the introduction of our latest model – the FV1800. This addition further improves an already popular range and offers clients double the airflow of our tried-and-tested FV900 unit.

Designed and built in the UK, the FV1800 features a close coupled motor which minimises energy consumption. Each fan is built from trusted components which facilitate safe deployment in a broad spectrum of environments, including tunnels, power stations, and industrial applications.

Having liaised with clients prior to the manufacturing process, Andrews Ventilation Hire have once again ensured that important characteristics of our existing fans have been retained and replicated in our latest product. These include:

–          Large air flows of up to 38,000m³/h

–          Robust construction for use in challenging environments

–          High volume performance with duct lengths of up to 40 metres

–          Easy installation enabling swift set-up

–          Close coupled motors providing greater power efficiency

Richard Galvin, UK Operations Support Director, explains: “With the demand for energy-efficient ventilation fans becoming more and more widespread, we are delighted to introduce our largest model yet!

“The FV1800 represents the next development in our broadening fan hire fleet – carrying over trusted technology and popular features with the added benefit of huge air capacities.”

For further details on this particular product, or any other ventilation fan offered within our expansive collection, contact us today on 0800 211 611. Alternatively, you can view a comprehensive summary of the FV1800’s unique specifications by clicking here.

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