Case Study

Andrews Ventilation Hire provide metal recycling company with bespoke extraction solution

When one of Britain’s leading metal recycling companies experienced a fire on a ship they were working on, an immediate ventilation solution was required to assist with the removal of lingering fumes. Our client was tasked with removing scrap metal from the ship’s interior but could not proceed until the contaminated air had been extracted.

Andrews Ventilation was subsequently contacted and made aware of the financial repercussions of our customer being held up – approximately £30,000 per day! An immediate response was therefore required, prompting our trained local specialists to visit the site later that day and propose an appropriate ventilation hire arrangement.

Following discussions, two FV900 extraction fans were installed on site and used to extract the polluted air from two separate bilge tanks. We used one fan at the entrance of each tank and placed them on suction, removing large volumes of ash, smoke and other harmful particles.

Once operational, our temporary extraction fans ensured the air was properly ventilated, allowing work to commence on site immediately. The client was extremely relieved once the ventilation rental units were commissioned and outlined the possible consequences had we not provided a workable ventilation hire package.

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