Case Study

Ventilation hire provides bespoke extraction solution for major construction company

A well-known construction company contacted Andrews Ventilation Hire to prevent hazardous fumes from marring the development of a new retail outlet. Before the facility could open to the public, though, a floor covering 30,000 square metres would have to be laid.

Our client’s problem arose from the fact that toxins present within the resin used would have resulted in harmful fumes being released into the working environment. Our specialists were tasked with providing a temporary ventilation solution for the affected area – removing air that had been contaminated by the dangerous chemicals used to create the resin flooring.

After conducting a free and comprehensive survey of the site, our experts deployed and installed two FV 1800 ventilation fans which were positioned at either end of the building. Ducting was then used to extract the contaminated air to ensure tradesmen working on site were kept safe throughout the project.

Once commissioned, our short-term extraction fans helped create a constant circulation of fresh air to replace the polluted air, thereby negating any health risks and complying with the industry’s health and safety regulations.

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