Case Study

Andrews Ventilation Hire assist with ‘mega shed’ construction project

One of the country’s most prestigious universities was in the process of building a new ‘mega shed’ which was due to be used as a large library facility. Once completed, the university say the site will hold the equivalent of 18 Olympic swimming pools’ worth of books – underlining the application’s size!

As part of the construction process, various industrial equipment was utilised for concrete slab pouring which could have left an enclosed space polluted with carbon monoxide. This would have had serious health implications for those working on site if the issue was not addressed quickly, but our engineers were on hand quickly to ensure this problem was averted.

Andrews Ventilation Hire was tasked with providing a regular flow of fresh air throughout the area while removing air that had been contaminated by the equipment used on site. Our experts surveyed the site and proposed a ventilation hire package consisting of two FV1800 extraction fans, fulfilling our client’s requirement.

A subsequent visit to site since the ventilation fans had been installed revealed that the rental units had been extremely effective in extracting all hazardous fumes and thus creating a completely safe working environment for all construction workers.

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