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Andrews unveil new portable humidifier!

Whether you wish to protect precious artefacts and furnishings or instil a more comfortable atmosphere in a particular environment, a temporary humidification arrangement can help you achieve your targets. Modern research has indicated that a single humidifier can offer end users an incredible range of benefits, including a reduced risk of infection, the preservation of delicate materials or even a trimmed heating bill!

So it’s with great excitement that we announce the launch of a modern and high-efficiency evaporative humidifier – the Andrews H60. Designed specifically with archives, art galleries, IT rooms and offices in mind, this revolutionary product has been manufactured in line with all EU safety regulations and is now available for immediate hire.

At Andrews, we understand the difficulty various companies face when trying to store high-value paintings, documents or textiles. These are among the more common hygroscopic materials often exposed to dry conditions, which is why our latest innovation has been created specifically with these in mind. If the environment is too dry, goods will lose moisture to the atmosphere. If the environment is too damp, they will gain moisture. Essentially, accurately controlling the relative humidity of a room or building is imperative – and now made easy thanks to our market-leading Andrews H60 unit.

Low humidity can also cause enormous discomfort to those who struggle with dry eyes or sensitive skin – particularly if this is combined with lower temperatures. Dry air can even lead to complaints of dry and itchy throats, but this can be successfully combatted by increasing humidity.

An Andrews H60 can even prevent the build-up of static electricity, which could have catastrophic implications for a server room, IT suite or broadcasting studio. By maintaining sensible humidity levels such problems can be avoided before they interferes with crucial technology located on your site.

The humidifier’s simple plug-and-play configuration enables instant deployment, requiring only a standard 230V power supply in order to function. A large air flow capacity of up to 800m³/h underlines the H60’s suitability to sizeable applications, while a 34 litre reservoir allows uninterrupted use for extensive periods.

Consuming just 53W of electricity per hour, our unit is among the most cost-effective humidifiers on the market today. We are immensely proud of the Andrews H60’s compliance with all Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) legislation, which highlights the organisations’ continued commitment to using recyclable components wherever possible.

The unit’s robust and durable chassis is belied by its ability to operate quietly – an understated feature that facilitates unobtrusive placement in virtually any scenario. And unlike with other humidifiers offered elsewhere, the Andrews H60 has twin speed fan settings which presents clients with adjustable air flows and enables accurate control even in the most challenging situations.

If you would like more information on the Andrews H60, or any other unit in our expansive hire fleet, call 0800 211 611 today to speak to an expert in our contact centre. Alternatively, click here for a complete overview of the product including target environments and detailed specifications.

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