Case Study

Andrews Sykes provide emergency cooling solution during exam season

An uncomfortably hot working environment at school can negatively impact the concentration levels, productivity and comfort of the students. This is most evident during examination season when increased temperatures cause halls to become hot and stuffy very quickly.

Fortunately for our customers, Andrews Air Conditioning have many years of experience providing temporary air conditioning to a wide variety of applications within schools, universities and colleges, including lecture theatres, classrooms and exam/sports halls.

Our specialists were contacted and asked to provide a practical cooling solution for a large sports hall that our client was using as a temporary exam area for the students. Following a site survey, our experts proposed and agreed on a HPAC90 portable air conditioning unit, which they positioned outside the building, ducting the cold air into the hall.

The facilities manager involved in conducting the hire was extremely pleased with the short-term cooling arrangement. The HPAC has succeeded in reducing the temperatures in the exam hall making it far more comfortable for the students to work in.

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