Case Study

Andrews provides temporary boiler installation for famous animal rescue centre

One of London’s oldest animal shelters recently required a temporary boiler hire arrangement during a period in which their plant room underwent a much-needed refurbishment. The mechanical and electrical building services company responsible for managing the upgrade was desperate to eliminate the risk of potential downtime and contacted us four weeks before a replacement unit would be needed.

Initially, it was requested that our substitute boiler be craned onto the roof of the building as this was deemed to be the least obtrusive location available. However, restrictions imposed by the network operators of an adjacent railway line meant this would not be possible and that an alternative plan was needed.

Instead, our client designed a custom-built platform that was constructed within a secluded, fenced off area. This allowed the boiler to be stationed right next to the animal shelter but out of the reach of members of the public, making it the most practical solution available.

On the day of the requirement, we used a Hiab vehicle to lift a 500kW gas boiler onto the temporary structure before connecting it to the existing pipework. Prior to installation, we calculated all heating and hot water capacities to ensure we could accommodate a large facility that spanned three floors. A single 500kW boiler guaranteed an adequate source of heating for both animals and staff while also delivering hot water to basins and washing amenities.

Despite facing various challenges regarding the intended location of a stand-in unit, we were able to put forward a feasible configuration that would do the job required of it in the absence of a permanent boiler. The kit is expected to remain on hire for a total of six weeks and will only be decommissioned once the scheduled plant upgrades have been successfully completed.

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