Case Study

Andrews provide ventilation hire solution at a hydroelectric power plant

Before building contractors could oversee the renovation of a tunnel in a hydroelectric power plant, a reliable source of ventilation was required on site. Covering almost 1000 metres, the tunnel was extremely prone to poor air circulation despite the presence of large holes at 180 metre intervals.

Like in many similar instances, the air was at risk of becoming too dangerous for workmen because of the large quantities of dust and dirt produced inside the shaft. This air is extremely toxic if not effectively tackled, leading to purity levels falling well below those outlined in relevant health and safety laws. 

Knowing the importance of complying with legislation designed to protect operatives, the project managers in charge requested that Andrews Ventilation provide a solution. After taking into account the specific requirements of the assignment, we provided a high capacity FV600 ventilation fan as well as necessary lengths of ducting.

Capable of producing air flows of up to 12,000m³/h, this particular unit was chosen because of its large specifications and ability to easily remove hazardous fumes. In total, the hire lasted approximately two months and was critical in enabling a major development to be completed on time.

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