Case Study

Andrews provide the UK’s most famous animals shelter with emergency cooling equipment

Andrews Air Conditioning Hire was recently contacted by a well-known cats and dogs shelter in London. Our client urgently required an effective cooling solution to keep their animals from becoming distressed during the sweltering heatwave that struck during the summer.

A site survey was arranged over the phone and conducted by one of our specialists, who assessed the area’s specifics before proposing a suitable air conditioning hire package. This process allowed us to select the most appropriate units for instilling the desired low temperatures required to preserve the general well-being of all animals inside.

After a thorough assessment, it was decided that several of our Double Cool air conditioners would provide the necessary cooling and immediately negate the warm temperatures that had impacted the shelter. These units were also chosen because of their ability to be moved easily whilst cleaning the floors – something the client highlighted as a consideration beforehand.

The temporary cooling system proposed was quickly set up by our experts and ensured comfortable living conditions were restored for the cats and dogs on site.

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