Case Study

Andrews provide temporary boiler during refinery shutdown

As a multipurpose raw material used in a number of industrial applications, hydrochloric acid is a valuable commodity possessing extremely low impurity content. From pickling steel and regulating pH level to neutralising water and regenerating ion exchangers, this compound is able to assist a broad range of processes – particularly in a petrochemical environment.

The 2014 closure of a Welsh oil refinery saw much of the site decommissioned over the following months. However, the presence of hydrochloric acid kept in the plant’s tanks prevented steam boilers from being immediately shutdown due to storage requirements. A regular supply of hot water was therefore needed to stop temperatures falling below 12°C – hydrochloric acid’s freezing point.

Our solution was to supply the customer with a 100kW diesel fired boiler, and this was connected to a 1” existing pipe within the tank. By acting quickly, we prevented a client from losing expensive stock whilst also ensuring no damage was incurred to their machinery.

On receiving an emergency enquiry from a company operating within an extremely sensitive sector, we were able to recommend and install a hire package less than 24 hours after first contact. This response undoubtedly allowed a vulnerable supply of hydrochloric acid to be salvaged and then sold on, which is why our staff on site were so highly praised by the client.

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