Case Study

Short-term ventilation hire assists with flume maintenance works

Andrews ventilation Hire was recently drafted in by a local East Sussex leisure centre to ensure all hazardous fumes were removed from their indoor swimming pool while maintenance work was carried out on their flumes.

As part of this process, the customer was required to recoat the flumes with a special resin. This substance creates highly toxic fumes which need to be cleared from the building’s interior to prevent workers from inhaling potentially dangerous toxins. As a result, a temporary ventilation extraction arrangement was required immediately.

Our specialists visited the site in order to conduct a free survey and recommend the best solution for the customer. Two FV900 ventilation extraction fans were agreed upon and positioned outside the building, with ducting running into the indoor swimming pool to replace the fumes with fresh air and simultaneously remove harmful contaminants.

The customer was extremely pleased with the speed in which our specialists implemented a ventilation hire package, allowing the maintenance works to be comfortably completed in time before the summer rush kicked in.

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