Case Study

Andrews provide short-term chiller to assist with the preservation of stored bodies

Andrews Chiller Hire was recently contacted by a well-known hospital in desperate need of an effective chiller hire to assist with the creation of a temporary body storage facility, after their own storage facility had reached full capacity.

The client in question took the step of converting an existing secure area into a temporary ‘cold room’ to accommodate the additional bodies that they were required to store. Due to the time-sensitive nature of this request, an immediate solution was required.

After conducting a site survey of the area in question, our specialists recommended a Fast Chill 45 unit which was delivered and set up within a few hours of our arrival – guaranteeing sufficient volumes of low temperature cooling. The rented cooling equipment was positioned inside the storage area to ensure the bodies were kept at the desired temperature.

The chiller hire package we provided instantly solved the problem in question, with our equipment remaining on hire for two weeks.

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