Case Study

Andrews provide replacement boiler following breakdown

In an attempt to accommodate ever-increasing demand for affordable housing in East London, several local authorities ordered the construction of extra properties in its surrounding areas. However, problems arose when the newly-built houses were added to a district heating system that was already operating close to capacity.

The circuit had been overexerted for several months and as a consequence, three separate 100kW modules broke down under the strain. It was therefore imperative that these were taken offline for servicing and replaced by an adequate alternative.

Following a site survey, an Andrews Boilers technician recommended the hire of a 1.2MW containerised unit boiler connected to the existing system. This high capacity boiler perfectly fitted our client’s requirements, particularly as deploying a single unit rather than several would help reduce the overall footprint.

Once installed, the boiler worked perfectly throughout its duration on hire – and was decommissioned only after the original units had been repaired. Our customer was therefore very satisfied with the solution we recommended as it ensured a large number of homes were provided with heating and hot water at all times.

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