Case Study

Andrews provide practical drying solution for international cheese manufacturer

When a world-famous cheese manufacturer was at risk of experiencing a delay in production after their cold store began to lose effectiveness, Andrews Dehumidification Hire was called in to provide a practical drying solution.

Before cheese can be distributed to your local supermarkets, the produce is first stored in coolers until the desired age, flavour and texture is reached. Unfortunately for our client, their cold store rooms were failing to dry the cheese at the necessary rate leading to a deterioration in product quality. 

Having assessed the application and calculated the required drying capacity using a psychrometric chart, our experts deployed and installed four DH150 refrigerant dehumidifiers to reduce the humidity levels in the cold store.

Thanks to the swift service of our local specialists the customers renowned brand name was not tainted by an avoidable reduction in product quality. Our dehumidifier rental solution ensured all produce was successfully preserved until ready for distribution.

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