Case Study

Andrews provides Hampshire hospital with emergency cooling

When a high-profile hospital located in Hampshire contacted Andrews Air Conditioning Hire in search of some emergency cooling equipment, our expert team stepped in to ensure the requirement was met.

Our client was experiencing difficulties with their transformers which were overheating and threatening to fail, putting the hospital in serious danger of losing all power. Shortly after initial contact, one of our local specialists visited the site to assess the area’s specifics before proposing a suitable air conditioning hire package to instil the desired low temperatures.

After a thorough assessment, it was decided that six PAC22 air conditioners would provide the necessary amount of cooling to immediately reduce temperatures. Our specialists also provided our client with six ASF50 portable fans to assist with distributing the cold air produced by our PAC units.

The high-volume cooling system proposed was quickly installed by our experts and proved extremely successful in combatting high temperatures within the application. As a result, day-to-day operations at the hospital were completely unaffected – as was the desired outcome.

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