Case Study

Andrews provide emergency cooling for one of London’s largest hospitals

When one of London’s largest hospitals had trouble combating extremely high temperatures inside their intensive care unit, Andrews Air Conditioning Hire was drafted in to provide them with an effective cooling solution to help improve conditions.

The client’s existing climate control equipment had recently suffered a failure, causing temperatures to rise to such an extent that bosses explored the possibility of relocating patients. As a result, emergency cooling was urgently required to ensure the desired environment was restored.

Shortly after initial contact, one of our local specialists visited the hospital to assess the building’s specifics before proposing a suitable air conditioning hire package consisting of more than 30 Zephyr ET cooling units.

The high-volume cooling system proposed was quickly installed by our experts and proved extremely successful in combatting high temperatures within the intensive care unit. As a result, day-to-day operations at the hospital were completely unaffected which was the client’s original target prior to our arrival on site.

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