Case Study

Andrews keep children’s play area cool during summer

Although temporary air conditioning is generally considered the go-to solution when hot weather strikes, a tailored ventilation fan arrangement can be equally as effective in certain applications. So when a leading independent engineering provider contacted us on behalf of a client, we reacted quickly to help alleviate the issue with minimal fuss.

Our customer was looking for some emergency hire equipment to be deployed within a large children’s play area which had begun to overheat when seasonal temperatures rose sharply. After surveying the area, an Andrews technician weighed up all the options available and decided that commissioning a series of ASF21 ventilation fans would be the best course of action.

These economical units were specifically chosen for this project and are capable of circulating up to 3,600m³ of air for every hour of operation. Despite powerful specifications, ASF21 fans offer quiet functionality while a simple plug-and-play installation guarantees the user instant comfort cooling.

As expected, the hire packaged we recommended was working perfectly within minutes of delivery, nullifying the impact of hot conditions to the benefit of both children and staff. All within the facility were therefore able to remain safe and relaxed during what was originally an unexpected heatwave.

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