Case Study

Andrews keep care home functional despite boiler breakdown

By understanding the implications of heating failure in a healthcare environment, Andrews Boilers are driven to move quickly and restore this vital provision to ensure the continued safety of patients and vulnerable people. So when a residential care home in Sittingbourne suffered complete breakdown following periods of sporadic malfunctions, we received an emergency enquiry for temporary equipment to be installed as a replacement.

Our client was faced with the very real possibility of having to relocate more than 50 people requiring round-the-clock attention, and thus a temporary LPHW boiler was required as a matter of urgency.

In response, we proposed the hire of a 250kW oil fired boiler utilising a vehicle-mounted crane to position the temporary unit in the designated area. Temporary flow and return pipework was run at ground level into the existing boiler room. The hoses were then attached to pre-installed BSP connections, enabling the successful commissioning of a short-term arrangement that had bypassed a faulty central heating system.

The impact of not installing a temporary boiler unit would have resulted in the closure of the nursing home and re-homing of over 50 patients at great cost to the NHS. Instead, our swift action helped supersede an ineffective boiler system and keep the entire building warm without causing any distress to those living there.

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