Case Study

Andrews heating hire keep Clacton leisure centre warm

During the cold winter months, leisure centres rely on the presence of an effective heating supply. Failure to provide this amenity can lead to temporary closures until a replacement is installed – a big inconvenience to your clients. So when a leisure centre in Essex had to decommission their existing boiler due to emergency repairs, Andrews Heat for Hire were contacted in search for an immediate solution.

Our specialists visited the site within a couple of hours of initial contact, suggesting the deployment of an FH111 temporary indirect fired heater outside the building. Due to limited accessibility on site, the unit was being ducted through the centre’s side access door and then split into two once inside the pool area – heating two different areas simultaneously.

As a result of our speedy response time, our experts were able to guarantee their opening hours were not disrupted. The units were commissioned on the same day of callout and ensured the pool area maintained the temperature required to keep visitors comfortable whilst swimming.

The client was extremely pleased with our tailored heater hire solution – keeping our unit on site for the duration of the maintenance works.

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