Case Study

Andrews Heater hire provides bespoke heating solution for storage warehouse

Andrews Heat for Hire was recently drafted in to provide temporary heating for a big brand storage company, after temperatures in their warehouse dropped below 8°C in the winter months. This created an uncomfortable working environment for employees and so something needed to be done immediately.

The client in question was looking to heat a two-storey warehouse which was used to store high-quality big-name products prior to their distribution.  An Andrews technician visited site and was able to propose a suitable solution based on the application’s unique specifications.

It was decided that two FH4000 oil heaters would be perfect for increasing temperatures within the warehouse and instilling a comfortable environment for staff. The heating rental solution was placed outside the application, with the hot air ducted inside to increase the ambient temperature by ten degrees.

Much to our client’s delight, the heater hire worked perfectly and ensured everyone could remain on site and continue their day-to-day tasks without any issue.

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