Case Study

Andrews Heat for Hire provides emergency heating solution for Kent contractor

A building contractor company based on the Kent coast, recently battled cold damp weather while working on a new building project in the area. This caused difficulties during the dying process and was preventing paint form drying and flooring being laid.

The client in question specialises in the nursing and associated care sectors. This particular project focuses on building a care home in Hampshire, which was famously a fishing village many centuries ago. The development is on such a scale that it could potentially impact on the people living nearby, rendering it critical that each phase was correctly overseen.

The contractor quickly contacted Andrews Heat for Hire to assist with their issues and to make sure no delays or other inconveniences could occur. Our specialist surveyed the building within 24 hours and decided to provide a single Aurora FH111 dual voltage indirect fired oil unit, which they felt would be more than adequate due to its huge operating capacities.

The unit is a robustly constructed economical heater with a nominal heating duty of 110kW, making it ideal for a project of this magnitude. As one of our most resourceful heaters, it is specially designed for use on building sites and similar applications.

The heater was sited between the two care home premises, with a slip ducting allowing us to feed large volumes of warm air into both buildings.

Our equipment proved successful in supplying heat for two separate areas and accelerating the drying process, which was critical to the project’s completion. The client was extremely satisfied with the outcome and has hinted that they’ll turn to us again with further scheduled projects imminently.

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