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Andrews Heat for Hire unveil new indirect fired gas heater

We are delighted to officially launch our latest and most environmentally-friendly, high capacity indirect fired gas heater– the IG65DV. Designed with a broad range of applications in mind, this product is ideal for the construction sector, warehouses, factories, and even agricultural surroundings. It has been purposefully manufactured as an alternative to oil-driven heaters, offering air flows that exceed 4,460m³.

Our unit provides clients with a safe, reliable and efficient heating source that can be easily controlled via a remote thermostat, allowing fuel costs to be kept under control at all times. As a company renowned for introducing economical innovations, we at Andrews Heat for Hire have developed a modern unit that will save customers money while complying with all industry health and safety regulations.

The IG65DV runs on propane gas and can operate unattended for extensive periods. Its powerful fan and high air capacity allow the product to be used on ducting lengths of up to 24 metres – affording the user greater flexibility in potentially complex environments. An IP-rated weatherproof chassis also facilitates safe outdoor deployment if required.

A single IG65DV will warm areas of 1,625m³ and can be used on both 110V and 230V power supplies, highlighting a level of adaptability not offered by other heaters available elsewhere. Its wheel-mounted frame can fit easily through a standard 760mm doorway which helps simplify the installation process in virtually every instance.

We pride ourselves on providing our client base with unique and user-friendly climate control solutions, epitomised by our latest addition. By understanding a market-wide need for durable and high capacity heaters, we have been able to raise the benchmark further by guaranteeing first-rate performance at affordable running costs.

For more information on the IG65DV, or any other heater in our expansive hire fleet, call a member of our expert team today on 0800 211 611. Alternatively, you can clicking here to see a complete summary of the unit which includes target environments and detailed specifications. You can also watch a short video about the product by clicking here.

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