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Andrews Heat for Hire unveil new high capacity direct-fired unit

Andrews Heat for Hire are excited to introduce a modern, high capacity direct-fired oil heater – the Tornado. Designed specifically for use in well-ventilated applications, this particular product is perfect for construction sites, warehouse loading bays, garages and factories. Once operational, the Tornado can produce huge airflows of up to 2,500m³/h, providing users with a reliable and continuous supply of safe, hot air.

With a nominal heating duty of 69kW, the unit is perfect for deployment in large open spaces and capable of continuous operation for up to 12 hours. Our Tornado offers clients an extremely cost-effective solution to many specialised heating requirements and can be fuelled by either gas oil or kerosene.


Other features and benefits include:

–          High fuel efficiency allowing considerable cost savings on fuel

–          High capacity of 69kW heating areas of up to 2,500m³

–          Built-in fuel tank enabling immediate functionality

–          Safety thermostat for immediate shutdown in emergencies

–          Dual voltage model that works on both 110V and 230V supplies

–          IP44-rated electronics resistant against splashing water

At Andrews Heat for Hire, we are always finding ways to improve and develop our product fleet by adding units that will benefit clients across a wide range of industries. The Tornado provides our customers with a durable, high capacity heater that guarantees users first-rate functionality combined with affordable running costs.

For more information on the Tornado or any other product in our expansive range, call a member of our professional contact team today on 0800 211 6111. Alternatively, you can click here to see a complete summary of the unit, including accurate specifications.

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