Case Study

Andrews Heat for Hire successfully protect wheat during harvest

Andrews Heat for Hire was recently contacted by the operators of a 2000-acre farm in Shrewsbury, who were having difficulties drying their wheat naturally and so required a hired drying solution to minimise the likelihood of spoilage.

During harvest season, UK farms are often affected by severe weather and wet conditions – with many farmers struggling to dry their crop which then results in a poor quality of grain. In this instance, a heating solution was necessary to ensure all crops were dry and ready for distribution.

We decided to install one FH4000 indirect fired oil heater which we placed directly outside the application. Warm air was driven into the drying area via ducting, improving conditions. The temporary drying equipment we provided made an immediate difference and stopped the wheat from becoming spoilt once sorted.

Thanks to the fast response of our experts, our client was able to market the wheat soon after harvest without any disruption – saving them thousands of pounds.

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