Case Study

Andrews Heat for Hire provides heating solution for leading construction company

Andrews Heat for Hire was recently contacted by a leading construction company in search of an effective heating solution  that would help dry the floors and walls of a newly-built West Sussex college during the latter stages of the project.

A local expert visited the site to conduct a free site survey before proposing a tailor made drying solution, consisting of an Aurora FH111 oil heater and all required lengths of ducting. It was felt this particular unit was most suitable given the dimensions of the application, and guaranteed the customer a reliable heating supply once installed.

The high performance rental heater was deployed by one of our local specialists, who positioned the unit on the ground floor of the building. Warm air was then ducted inside the building via two entry points, ensuring large volumes of warm air were directed indoors to accelerate the drying process.

Once commissioned, our heater hire ensured a stable temperature was constantly maintained on site which enabled the building to be successfully dried out. This allowed work to continue on site at the desired speed, ensuring the project finished ahead of schedule.

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