Case Study

Andrews Heat for Hire provide hospital with replacement heating

In the healthcare sector especially, the presence of effective climate control is a fundamental provision for the wellbeing of sick and vulnerable patients. A failure to maintain a continuous heating supply during the winter months can drastically affect the condition of ill people, which is why we react quickly to assist clients in the industry.

So when a hospital in Greater London sought temporary units while its existing heating system was being replaced, we delivered an alternative hire package within four hours of enquiry. This comprised of five oil filled radiators, which were carefully deployed around a large ward – keeping it warm for the duration of the upgrade.

These were selected because of their economical operation and portability, which allowed them to be stationed unobtrusively within the desired area. Oil filled radiators are ideal for hospitals and similar environments because of the fact they do not require any naked flames in order to function.

Our customer was very happy with the swift service we provided, which saw us install the heating units without disturbing anyone in the vicinity.

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