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Andrews Heat for Hire launch new high capacity portable unit

After months of intense preparation and fine-tuning, Andrews Heat for Hire are delighted to announce the launch of our most up-to-date, high capacity electric heater – the DE190. This particular unit has been designed with industrial and construction sectors in mind, but is also well-suited to large applications such as factories, refineries and heavy-duty facilities. Capable of producing massive airflows of 4,500m³/h, the DE190 offers customers a reliable source of safe, automatically controlled heating.

Our latest innovation has a nominal heating duty of up to 42kW, making it ideal for heating sizeable open spaces – typically up to 1,200m³. Delivering large volumes of fume-free heat, the DE190 only requires connection to a 63 amp 415 volt source in order to perform on an industrial scale. Ducting can be fitted to both the inlet and outlet, meaning the heater can be used in a variety of applications and also used in conjunction with desiccant dehumidifiers or ventilation fans. Our commitment to introducing resourceful products helps us to not only save customers money, but also comply with all industry-imposed environmental obligations.

As an IP66-rated electrical appliance, the DE190’s fully weather-proof exterior offers the user both indoor and outdoor deployment – while its maximum ducting length of 32 metres allows warm air to be carried long distances whenever necessary. The heater incorporates forklift pockets – facilitating ease of lifting – while its four-wheel chassis design guarantees excellent manoeuvrability. The wheels can also be locked, preventing accidental movement once stationed in a desired area.

A plug-in external thermostat feature ensures the DE190 runs only when necessary, saving the operator both time and money. The product’s three power settings (fan only, 21kW or 42kW) afford greater flexibility than other heaters on the market, while its emergency stop button provides an immediate shutdown in the event of emergency.

At Andrews Heat for Hire, we pride ourselves on offering unique, user-friendly and economical climate control equipment, and this has been epitomised once again by our most recent addition. By recognising our clients’ desire for durable, high capacity heaters, we have produced the DE190 while guaranteeing first-rate functionality and reasonable running costs.

If you would like more information on the DE190, or any other heater in our vast range, call a member of our contact team today on 0800 211 6111. Alternatively, click here to see a complete summary of the unit, including detailed specifications and a full list of targeted environments.

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