Case Study

Andrews Heat for Hire keep holidaymakers warm at Gatwick

Towards the end of 2015, Gatwick Airport officially opened the world’s largest self-service bag drop zone in its North Terminal building. The £36 million project was provisionally unveiled last October and was designed to help passengers “check in” in less than two minutes!

Initially only accessible to easyJet passengers, the speedy drop zone has proved so successful that there are already plans for it to expand to other carriers in the near future.

And the comfort of those travelling was unquestionably considered a top priority by the UK’s most popular airliner, who took measures to ensure a temporary heating solution was in place before the grand opening.

There was an immediate requirement for targeted climate control around the entrance doors – something Andrews Heat for Hire was capable of providing on demand.

The absence of a fixed system rendered a short-term arrangement essential, with hired heating units needed on site until a permanent alternative had been installed.

In response, we provided a number of CT80 electric heaters which have been specifically designed to supply warm air to areas with restricted access. As always, safety was among our primary considerations, especially where members of the public and young children are passing through, which is why we recommended the deployment of units that are made up of double skin – ensuring low surface temperatures even during operation.

The check-in area currently houses 28 self-service units, with plans to add a further 20 before the summer. Once the service has been fully launched, easyJet anticipate that approximately 4,500 passengers will pass through every hour during peak times.

It is estimated that around 20,000 people passed through the vicinity each day during the Christmas period, meaning almost 150,000 easyJet customers felt the benefit of our heating units each week!

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