Case Study

Andrews Heat for Hire drafted in to heat a film set for well-known production company

As a company, we pride ourselves on having the ability to accommodate the demands of our customers – no matter what they might be. So, when a well-known production company required temporary heating at short notice, our experts were drafted in to provide a suitable heater hire solution.

Our customer needed to heat a large warehouse – previously an old bottling plant – which they had been using as a film set for a new movie. As a result, the client required short-term heating to maintain a desirable temperate on set.

It was decided that the most appropriate solution would be to deploy and install one of our FH111 indirect fired oil heaters alongside an FH2000S oil heater, with both positioned outside the application itself. Warm air was then ducted inside, quickly filling the target area and increasing the temperature as required.

Much to the client’s delight, our heating rental arrangement was effective in keeping the entire premises warm without causing any disruption to filming, with the customer retaining both units until this phase of shooting was complete.

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