Case Study

Andrews Heat for Hire assist with major construction project

When a well-known construction company required heating for a building project, the contractor overseeing the construction scheme contacted us in search of an immediate heating hire solution.

The client was overseeing a major housing build in Leith, Edinburgh, creating a combination of new houses and flats on an old postal sorting site. However, heavy rainfall and low temperatures meant that the progression of the four storey flats and houses were at risk of being delayed.

After conducting a thorough assessment of the area, one of our heating specialists put together a suitable hire package based on the application’s requirements. Multiple ID65 Dual Voltage oil heaters were delivered to the site and used to dry the dampness from the ground floor to the second level.

Suitable ducting was also provided – positioned onto scaffolding and entering the building via a doorway to reach the high level floors. The client was impressed with our effective heat for hire solution, and the excellent results which allowed them to complete all building works by the deadline.

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