Case Study

Andrews Heat for Hire assist in heat load test

An internationally recognised self-storage company had plans of moving into their newly built four-storey office block and warehouse in South London, but before this could happen they were required to complete a thermographic inspection.

By using this strategy the client has the opportunity to identify any defective thermal insulation or heat links in advance. Once the issues have been highlighted they can then be used to improve the efficiency of the building’s heating and air conditioning.

Our team of specialists were called in to provide the buildings with some temporary hired heating that had sufficient capacity to raise the temperature of the entire space. Having assessed the particular area and needs of our client, we recommended the deployment of a high capacity FH4000 indirect oil-fired rental heater, which was positioned directly outside of the warehouse.

A desired temperature of over 20°C was maintained for almost an entire day courtesy of our unit, enabling the heat load test to be successfully completed at the first attempt.

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