Case Study

Andrews Heat for Hire assist floor laying scheme

Before wooden flooring could be laid in a newly-constructed student apartment complex, some temporary heating equipment was required to help keep conditions constant. The building contractor overseeing the development was keen to instil an internal temperature of 18°C which would stop floor panels cracking and assist the drying of plastered walls.

Failure to provide an appropriate solution could have led to the floor arrangement warping out of shape while setting, but a site survey allowed our local expert to propose a suitable heater hire package at the first time of asking.

A total of eight DE95 electric heaters were delivered to our client’s site close to the Elephant and Castle in South East London, with four units needed on each floor. This meant that work could be carried out two floors at a time and accelerated a large-scale installation process.

Our solution worked perfectly and allowed a key phase of a major project to be completed within the allotted timescale. It later transpired that the customer had specifically approached Andrews Heat for Hire for our recommendation having rented a number of air conditioning products from us earlier in the year.

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