Case Study

Andrews Heat for Hire assist care home conversion

A former Ministry of Defence site in Surrey was set to be transformed into a healthcare facility, but before work could proceed the construction company overseeing the project required temporary heating. Cold winter temperatures threatened to leave tradesmen and builders exposed to unfavourable conditions, so Andrews Heat for Hire was contacted and tasked with providing a practical solution.

One of our local heating specialists visited the location and recommended deploying an ID60 indirect fired heater off the back of his assessment. Two 32m lengths of ducting were also supplied, enabling warm air to be distributed evenly throughout the building.

We were able to provide a quote, complete a site survey and deliver the equipment within a 48 hour time window, which prevented the contractor suffering any further delays.

The customer was extremely pleased with our unit’s effectiveness and the speed of service, which helped the initial construction process get off the ground. As a result, they have since used Andrews to assist with other assignments in the local area.

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