Case Study

Andrews Heat for Hire aid construction of new London school

Low ambient temperatures during the finishing stages of a building can cause problems for a contractor, while frost can damage delicate materials and a slow drying process may delay an overall project. Raising the temperature too quickly can also cause surface cracking as the materials shrink, meaning conditions must be closely controlled to prevent complications arising.

The fit-out phase of a new school in London therefore required external assistance during the winter period, with Andrews Heat for Hire drafted in to provide the necessary equipment. A local expert then visited the site to gain a better understanding of the application in question, before proposing a heater hire package that would fulfil the needs of a major client.

Ordinarily, a single high capacity unit might be used to provide large quantities of warm air in a designated space. However, in this instance, it was decided that deploying several smaller ID65 oil heaters would be more suitable instead – particularly as a reliable power supply could not be sourced.

As well as recommending a tailored heating package to accommodate the unique requirements of a specialist assignment, we also supplied a fuel management scheme to ensure our units could operate continuously. The customer was extremely pleased with the professionalism of our staff, whose swift response and accurate advice contributed to the seamless completion of a new educational facility.

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