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Andrews further extend range of high performance air conditioning units

At Andrews Air Conditioning, we are committed to satisfying customer demand and introducing new products that ensure our clients are covered in any eventuality. This pledge has seen us invest further in our popular HPAC range and enabled us to bring a third unit to market – the HPAC30.

The HPAC90 and HPAC45 models have proven extremely well-liked among our clients, with their success a significant factor in us now adding a smaller version to our high-performance range.

Specifically designed for industrial processes, warehouses, factories temporary structures, data centres and even TV & film sets, the HPAC30 – and indeed the whole series – provides customers with a reliable solution to any excessive temperatures that threaten the operationality of your business.

A unique feature of this particular unit is its compact chassis and narrow width of 730mm, which enables the HPAC30 to pass seamlessly through doorways and occupy even the tightest of areas.

The presence of variable speed fans allows air flows to be accurately controlled, while the units’ unique specifications will produce an instant and economical supply of cool air.

All units within the HPAC range have been manufactured with flexibility in mind, providing a simple yet reliable source of cooling for a full spectrum of temperature-sensitive environments.

Features and benefits include:

  • Quiet operation – enabling us within built-up areas
  • Automatic thermostat – for accurate temperature control
  • IP65-rated electrics – can be used safely outside
  • Compact unit – can be used in restricted areas
  • Energy efficient – 30kW of cooling from a 32-amp supply
  • Air recirculation – increases efficiency by using the returned air rather than outside air
  • Easy installation – for quick set-up
  • Manoeuvrability – compact frame enables easily relocation

Efficient in operation and capable of running unattended for extended periods of time, all HPAC units use air recirculation techniques. This characteristic helps to conserve energy by reusing returned air instead of outside air and is one of the reasons why it is so popular among our clients.

For more information on the HPAC30 or the other units in our HPAC range, call us today on 0800 211 611. If you’d like to see a full set of specifications for the product, as well as the list of applications in which it can be used, click here.

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