Case Study

Andrews extend range of high performance air conditioners

At Andrews Air Conditioning, we pride ourselves on assessing what our customers require and providing solutions that accommodate these needs. This commitment has enabled us to enhance our product selection and ensure that we always have a suitable proposition, no matter what a project may entail.

It is therefore with great delight that we announce the expansion of our high-performance range by introducing the new HPAC45 unit.

Specifically designed for instances where the use of our popular HPAC90 air conditioner would be too powerful, the HPAC45 offers a nominal cooling or heating duty of 45kW while consuming just 16.6kW per hour.


Features and benefits include:

– Heat Pump Air Conditioner – providing cooling or heating

– Quiet operation – enabling use within build up areas

– Automatic thermostat – to switch from cooling to heating

– IP65 rated electrics – for outdoor use

– Uses R410A refrigerant – making it eco friendly

– Compact unit – can be used in restricted areas

– Energy efficient – almost 45kW cooling from a 40-amp power supply

– Air recirculation – increases efficiency by using the returned air rather than outside air

The unit is perfect for cooling large applications including exhibition halls, film sets, marquees, server rooms, factories and workshops. It requires only temporary ducting and the availability of a suitable power source in order to function, meaning the HPAC45 can be fully operational within minutes of arriving on site.

For additional information on the HPAC45 – which is now available for immediate hire – call us today on 0800 211 611. Alternatively, you can click here here to fill an enquiry form and one of our specialist operators will get back in contact with you.

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