Case Study

Andrews dry concrete flooring at tarmac company warehouse

Before concrete can be laid during the winter period, a series of precautions must be taken to ensure the composition sets correctly. When outdoor temperatures are low, concrete naturally sets more slowly and can even stop completely if it gets colder than 5°C. In some cases contractors will alter the mixture constituents, but this may not always be feasible if the weather fluctuates too unpredictably.

A large building materials company encountered this precise scenario at one of their sites in Derbyshire, prompting them to source a temporary heater hire package that could assist their drying process. Our client was looking to lay concrete on the second floor of a large equipment store located at a quarry in Buxton, but adverse conditions led to concerns that this would freeze once poured.

An Andrews technician visited site and was able to propose a suitable solution based on unique specifications. We asked the customer to secure the area with plastic sheeting to ensure the retention of hot air generated by an FH4000 indirect heater. The product in question is capable of generating a maximum duty of up to 383kW, which met the criteria required by the customer.

Within 48 hours of the initial enquiry, Andrews Heat for Hire had arranged delivery and installation of the temporary heating equipment and was fully operational within the hour. Our client was working within a strict timescale – with one of their senior directors coming to assess the building a few days after it was essential the floor was in place prior to his arrival. Thanks largely to the swift service of our local technicians, and the speed with which they implemented a solution, the project was comfortably completed ahead of the deadline.

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