Case Study

Andrews Dehumidifier Hire creates tank repair solution

A nationally renowned tank farm in Teesside recently contacted the specialists at Andrews Dehumidifier Hire for a practical solution to avoid the high risk of their tanks corroding.

Fuel storage tanks typically require servicing every 6-12 months. This lengthy process involves exposing the interior steel surface to clean and repair the product. During the servicing process the steel is exposed and at high risk of corrosion from humid air as well as moisture from within the tank – something our hired drying units can prevent!

Our specialist team responded within 24hours, conducting a thorough comprehensive site survey, recommending a tailored solution for our client which included the renting of two KT2000 desiccant dehumidifiers and one DE190 electric heater.

Without this tailored solution our client could not have completed the repair without damaging the steel surface and the new protective coating, put on after the servicing, would not have cured in time. With our services, our client managed to save a considerable amount of time, moving on to their next project stress free.

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