Case Study

Andrews Dehumidification keep power station online

If power stations are subjected to damp conditions while temporarily shut down, turbines, piping and other valuable equipment immediately become susceptible to corrosion and oxidising. This will have a huge impact on machinery and its workability once a power plant is recommissioned, but with our expertise you can easily avoid this undesirable scenario.

So when a client was faced with this eventuality, they contacted Andrews Dehumidification in search of a practical solution. We proposed the hire of a KT6000 desiccant drying unit and an FV900 ventilation fan, with both delivered and installed not long after receiving the enquiry.

We chose this particular dehumidifier because of its dependable operation and very high airflow capacity. With the KT6000 stationed outside, we ducted desiccated air through the power plant’s main system while removing any residual moisture from the pipework. The fan was used to assist the airflow and produce a continuous circulation to help the overall process.

Our customer was therefore extremely pleased with our speed of service, which ensured maintenance was carried out and completed within strict logistical parameters.

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