Case Study

Andrews Dehumidification keep furnishing project on schedule

The growing pressure on contractors to finish construction jobs well ahead of a targeted date has led to more and more clients within the industry approaching us for assistance. Our unrivalled expertise providing instant drying solutions in potentially crippling scenarios has allowed us to guide customers towards the most cost-efficient and practical option available to them.

A well-known flooring company commissioned to install luxury wooden tiling in a newly-built apartment block in London contacted Andrews Dehumidification after struggling to combat high humidity levels. In order to keep the assignment on track and prevent delicate materials from succumbing to moisture exposure, a swift response was essential.

Following a detailed site survey, we were able to dry the whole area via a three faction system comprising of dehumidification units, heaters and ventilation fans. A high capacity FH2000 heater was initially used to force large volumes of hot air through the building, before being replaced by an arrangement of smaller units.

A combination of FD40 building dryers and DS40 desiccant models were then deployed to operate in conjunction with equipment already in place, while a series of strategically-placed ASF50 fans helped circulate air around the site. This entire operation ultimately prevented one of the country’s most prominent floor suppliers contending with a five-week delay, ensuring a number of financial repercussions were avoided.

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