Case Study

Andrews Dehumidification keep freshly harvested potatoes unspoiled

Once a crop yield has been picked, it is immediately susceptible to unfavourable environments and can be quickly spoilt if appropriate steps are not taken. Much of the preservation process involves ensuring that storage conditions are closely monitored and that neither relative humidity nor temperatures are too high.

A cool, dark storage facility will aid longevity but when this cannot be attained naturally, temporary hire equipment may be necessary. This was the situation a Scottish potato farm encountered in the midst of a summer heatwave, and they contacted us to avoid losing any produce through wastage.

Having assessed the warehouse and calculated the required drying capacity, we installed two KT2000 desiccant dehumidifiers – each with a maximum extraction rate of 450 litres per 24 hour period. It was decided that these two units operating concurrently would sufficiently control the humidity of the application in question.

This solution worked perfectly and allowed us to achieve our primary goal – preventing any damage to the crops. A reduced yield would have undoubtedly had a related impact on price once the potatoes reached retail outlets, but fortunately a full supply was maintained without any issue thanks to the hire.

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