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Andrews Dehumidification Hire upgrade desiccant range

As the country’s leading supplier of temporary drying hire services, Andrews Dehumidification are delighted to announce our latest product – the KT6000. This recent addition to our desiccant range affords customers an energy cost saving of more than 35%, when compared with other products available on the market.

The KT6000 is suitable for a wide selection of purposes and has been designed to protect moisture-sensitive materials including sugars, powders, pharmaceuticals and metals. Perfect for projects where low relative humidity is required and/or ambient temperatures below 10°, this upgraded unit represents a significant investment in our dehumidifier rental fleet.

A maximum extraction rate of up to 1,550 litres every 24 hours underlines the unit’s aptitude for operating in large areas, while a compatible ducting length of 48 metres facilitates deployment even in situations where site access is restricted.

More energy efficient than other desiccant dehumidifiers offered elsewhere, our KT6000 model consumes just 32 kW/h of power and has the capacity to extract as many as 64.5 litres of fluid every single hour.

Features and benefits include:

* Suitable for applications where low relative humidity is essential

* Air flows of up to 6,000m³/h for when high volumes are needed

* Improved efficiency for lower running costs

* 48 metres of ducting enabling deployment in areas where access is restricted

Divisional Director Carl Webb, said: ““The KT6000 features the latest cutting-edge advancements in desiccant technology and has been designed with the intention of saving our customers money. A remote humidistat ensures the unit runs only when required, while further savings can be achieved by recirculating air. Its weatherproof chassis also allows safe outdoor deployment, rendering it perfect for projects where internal use is restricted.”

For additional information on the KT6000, or any other dehumidifier hire unit in our expansive range, call 0800 211 611 today to speak to a member of our dedicated contact centre. Alternatively, you can click here to see a detailed summary which includes a list of environments in which the dryer is regularly used.

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