Case Study

Andrews Dehumidification Hire help preserve specialist acoustic joinery

An industry leading house-building and construction group in Birmingham were experiencing difficulties in drying concrete works, as well as controlling humidity for specialist acoustic joinery which was being fitted in a newly built auditorium.

Our specialist team were drafted in to conduct a thorough site survey. A tailored solution was recommended which included a single KT2000 desiccant dehumidifier rental package suitable for building sites. The unit was located outside the target application, recirculating the air within the auditorium by utilising over 70 metres of ducting and an FV300 fan. 

We ensured the temporary drying solution maintained maximum effectiveness, producing the desired airflow of 2000m³/h. This air helped dry the concrete works and controlled the relative humidity inside the auditorium to protect the bespoke acoustic wood panelling being installed.

Without this tailored dehumidifier hire our client could not have dried out the concrete works while successfully maintaining pre-determined humidity levels within the auditorium – protecting the very expensive wood cladding.

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