Case Study

Andrews Dehumidification Hire aid sports complex construction

When the construction of a major sporting complex in Utrecht seemed in danger of being delayed, a solution was required immediately to ensure the build was ready in time. A key phase of the project involved laying a new wooden floor covering an area of approximately 7,500m², but before this could commence it was essential that all concrete walls and plaster surfaces were completely dried.

The leading contractor had become increasingly concerned that a fast-approaching deadline would not be met, leading Andrews Dehumidification Hire to be contacted about providing some temporary equipment. Our responsibility was to propose an arrangement that would quicken drying times without causing delicate materials to crack or swell.

A highly-experienced Andrews technician was sent to conduct a thorough site survey which preceded the installation of a sophisticated drying package. A number of FD40 building dryers were deployed on the premises, with this particular dehumidifier hire facilitating the extraction of up to 225 litres every 24 hours – more than adequate in this instance. These drying units worked alongside a number of ASF50 ventilation fans, which, when combined, helped draw moisture from the air far more quickly than would otherwise have been possible.

Within a few hours of enquiry, we had implemented an expedient system that operated around the clock per the client’s request. This proved extremely successful in reducing humidity and instilling the necessary conditions for the project’s next phase – laying the floor. As a result of our swift service and expert advice, a large sports centre was able to open on time without the company in charge incurring penalty fines.

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