Case Study

Andrews Dehumidification assist Midlands pig farm

When a swine is exposed to a warm environment, its perspiration will produce ammonia – a potentially harmful gas comprised of nitrogen and hydrogen. This can drastically affect a pig’s skin and is the most common poison within holding pens and similar enclosures.

The best treatment for this issue is to increase ventilation within the vicinity, whilst keeping surface areas dry. We were therefore approached by the customer who sought an immediate remedy, to ensure a valuable food source was protected from tracheal inflammation and acute exudate.

By analysing the site, we were able to gain a better understanding of the client’s unique requirements and proposed a solution accordingly. Our recommendation was to use a HD500 refrigerant dehumidifier combined with a FV300 ventilation fan and supplemented by an electric quartz spot heater.

This hire package helped eliminate the risk of a potentially harmful pestilence spreading by distributing large quantities of dry, ammonia-free air. As a result, the farmer was pleased with our management control and prevention which kept the pigs safe as desired.

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