Case Study

Andrews commit to Europe-wide air handler investment

Following a significant investment both in the UK and across Europe, it is with great delight that we announce the introduction of a new lightweight 50kW FCU air handler.

This unit has been designed for both heating and cooling applications and features modern Inverter drive technology that allows a full percentage range of speed settings as opposed to just one or two variations.

This energy efficient air handler consumes just 1.8kW of power per hour of operation while offering significant air flows of up to 11,500m³/h. It has a nominal cooling duty of 50kW and a nominal heating duty of 100kW.

The product’s modest dimensions allow it to fit in a standard box van while its wheel-mounted design simplifies transportation and aids manoeuvrability.

Temperatures can be controlled either on the air inlet or outlet, with the air handler’s recirculatory capabilities guaranteeing incredible efficiency on both heating and cooling modes. Space temperatures can also be maintained by connecting an internal thermostat.

Other features and benefits include:

– Easy installation – enabling swift connection in emergency scenarios

– Quiet operation – for deployment in noise-sensitive areas

– Inverter technology – flexible range of speed settings

– Economical performance – ensuring low running costs

– Safe and easy to use – allowing simplified operation

– Environmentally-friendly – enabling greater sustainability

– Reliable product – affording customer peace of mind

– Robust construction – use in testing applications

Our 50kW FCU air handler be connected to an existing chilled water circuit or an Andrews chiller, heat pump or boiler, providing incredible flexibility in a multitude of scenarios.

Each unit can be fitted with up to 40 metres of ducting which allows the units to be sited a significant distance away from the heating or cooling source.

Fitted with internal condensate pumps and an air filtration system, the 50kW FCU air handling unit is suitable for use in a range of environments including marquees, offices, events, archives, restaurants and hospitals.

Matt Stapley, Technical Manager for HVAC, said: “Adding this air handling unit to our hire fleet will give customers greater flexibility with their heating or cooling applications and allow accurate temperature and noise control.”

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