Case Study

Andrews Chillers preserve turkey lifespan during Christmas build-up

Before turkeys can be distributed to your local supermarkets, farmers must first convert the poultry into food that is safe for human consumption. This is done by conducting a thorough carcass wash and clean, then placing the birds into a cold storage unit until they are ready to be dispatched.

With Christmas around the corner and the demand for turkeys soon expected to peak, our chiller hire specialists were called in to provide a renowned company with an effective solution, after struggling to maintain the required conditions within their cold storage application.

Our client specified that the storage unit must be kept below 4⁰C to comply with industry standards. FC90 low temperature chiller units were subsequently provided to ensure the quality and safety of the turkeys, preventing the growth of pathogens and spoilage of the poultry.

The fast response along with the effectiveness of our portable chiller rental equipment allowed the turkeys to be successfully preserved until ready for distribution.

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